Below is a complete list of rules for our event. Please note these are the rules we will go by, not the official wiffle ball association rules.


  • Bases will be placed 50 feet apart
  • Home run fences will be placed 105 feet all the way around the field
  • The pitcher's mound will be place 30 feet from home plate
  • Each time will have 5 fielders; a team can play with a minimum of 4 players
  • Each team must bat at least 5 and a max of 6 (an optional EH). If you are only playing 4 fielders you must take an out for the 5th batter
  • Each pitch must be arched
  • No balls or strikes will be called, the only way to get a strike is to swing and miss, or hit a foul ball
  • 3 strikes is an out, a foul ball for strike 3 is an out
  • Plastic bats must be used, and each bat must fit through a 2 and 3/4 inch hole template.
  • The use of a non-approved bat will result an forfeit of the game
  • All common baseball rules apply
  • any arguing with an umpire results in an automatic ejection
  • No player can be on more than one roster
  • No catchers
  • Soak 'em is allowed, if a player is hit below the nick. If a balls hits a player above the shoulder, they are not out and get to advance an extra base
  • On home runs, players only have to touch 1st base
  • Rules are subject to change, be added, or be dropped up till the tournament date, once game play has started all rules are set for that tournament
  • Obscene language/behavior will not be tolerated

Game play and Mercy Rules

  • Each game will be 6 innings long
  • Each game will have a 10 run per inning limit
  • Last inning on each game will be unlimited runs per inning
  • A mercy rule of 10 runs after the completion of the 4th inning will apply
  • This tournament will be a "True Double Elimination" style tournament.